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Winterset, Inc. has a solid commitment to safety and its employees. The employees are one of the major strengths of the company; their strong work ethic, qualifications, and continual commitment to safety are why Winterset, Inc. is where it is today.

Safety in all Winterset, Inc. operations is not just a corporate goal; it is a requirement! It is a condition of employment with Winterset, Inc., that all employees adhere faithfully to the requirements of the safety policy that Winterset, Inc. has formulated to govern all the companies operations, as well as the safety rules, instructions and procedures issued in conjunction with it. All visitors to any Winterset, Inc. operation shall be required to follow all safety rules and regulations in effect during their visit.

Creating safe situations begins early in the construction process. For every Winterset project, a site specific work plan is started at the pre-bid investigations. All aspects of construction are analyzed by what hazards may be encountered. The project site is reviewed for personal protective equipment to be mandated and a Safety Site Specific plan is located in the job trailer at each job site. Winterset will develop traffic control plans with the safety of both parties in mind. A staff member not working on a project will often visit the site to review the traffic controls and patterns for the project.

More detailed safety information can be found in the Winterset employee handbook. The company employee handbook is a source of safety/health information, and it is a requirement that all employees read the manual and abide by the safety rules found in it. Winterset has laid out its established rules and programs designed to promote health and safety in the handbook in order to make them known to all employees.

Winterset is committed to making sure that each employee on a job site is safe by providing adequate personal protective equipment, training, and continual safety education. Because of this commitment, Winterset, Inc. feels strongly that they have a responsibility to provide a safe working environment. At Winterset, Inc., safety remains a main concern from the beginning to the end of each project.